Sigma Networking, Inc. provides a full line of web site creation and hosting services to meet any needs.  Contact us to find out about our "no-hidden costs" prices.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Software as a Service sites are front office or back office applications hosted on our servers and served over the internet.  With a Software as a Service site, Sigma Networking takes on the role of an Application Service Provider (ASP).  A SaaS site can be developed to do anything your company needs.  We have multi-client sites currently supporting temporary staffing management, contact management, appointments / calendaring, LTL and full freight management.  Any of these sites can be directly integrated with an external-facing website to provide up-to-the-minute, real-time data to your customers regarding your services.  We also have single-client sites providing REALTOR® agent and broker listings (Broker Reciprocity).

If we don't already have what you need, we can build an application to handle any kind of processing you can think of.  All transactions are processed on our secure servers.

All you need to run your application is a desktop PC, laptop, MAC, Unix workstation or other personal computer running a web-browser and supporting an internet connection (yes, even your 5-year-old computer should work!).  No special hardware or software requirements!  Hosted application sites eliminate the need to constantly install upgrades or patches to off-the-shelf software packages.  When enhancements to hosted applications are moved into production, every employee in your company that uses that application gets the updated version of the application at the same time without the expense and time of manually updating each of their PCs!

Utilizing a Sigma Networking hosted solution will keep your operational costs in line and help manage your cash flow.

Sigma Networking will host your site on our servers and provide 24 hour a day, 7 day a week management.  By hosting your site with us, you eliminate the worries about hiring server and network support specialists, renting floor space for servers, running backups, doing systems administration or anything else.  We provide the technical know-how and personnel to ensure your site stays up and running**.  

Web Site Creation
Sigma Networking will work with you to design and build a site that fits your needs.  We can build any complexity site from simple static-content sites to fully hosted Software as a Service (SaaS/ASP) sites.  Don't worry if you have no background in website setup and management. We can help you through every step including choosing and registering a domain name, transferring domain ownership when needed, and designing and developing training for your web site.

Setting up a new personal or small business web site can be done quickly and easily using one of our sample sites as a template for your own.  Colors, images, layout can easily be modified once you find a template that fits your needs.  Sigma Networking partners with a local design studio to develop eye-catching and exclusive graphics and logo work.  If your site will not change much over time, contract with us to maintain your site.  If you want your site to be very dynamic, we can provide the applications to allow you to do your own maintenance.

Other Services
Other services include graphic design, photography and photo retouching, logo design, remote web site maintenance, contract software development, project management and much, much more.  Based on your specific requirements, Sigma Networking may provide some of these additional services through partnerships with other companies.

**Sigma Networking will even work with you to draft an individual Service Level Agreement (SLA) if you so desire.  SLAs may require additional setup and monthly fees.